Get inspired to make your students skilled global actors

Dato: 28.05.2021
Tidspunkt: 09:00 - 11:15

Do you need to help your students become more skilled for the global job market?

We are excited to invite you to join an online workshop on teaching employability skills in higher education. The workshop helps you get inspired on how to teach and develop your students’ employability skills.

Get inspiration from the Employ Skills project

The workshop brings together experienced instructors, students, and industry partners. Attending the workshop gives you new perspectives and fresh ideas about developing and mastering employability skills. Having such skills helps higher education students become global actors, get ready to enter the global labour market and take on future challenges.  


The program consist of an introduction to the Employ Skills project and two rounds of workshops.  

Welcome by Maurice 
CuypersFontys University of Applied Sciences 

09.05 09.10 Industry Keynote: Why employability skills are important. By Nikkie Plessers, STAAN Finance & Consultancy.

15 minute intro to the EmploySkills project / Maurice Cuypers  

09.25 - 10.10

1x 45 minute workshop - Try one of these: 

1. Workshop: “Are short specialized intensive programmes the future of education? Let’s understand the approach together!” by Juan Martin Maglione.

Juan Martín Maglione holds a degree in Business Administration, with a Master's degree in Strategic and Technological Management from ITBA/EOI (Argentina/Spain). He has specialised in International Business Consultancy at Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven, Holland, holds a specialisation in Big Data in ITBA and in Product Management and Agile Methodologies also in ITBA. He is Head of Artificial Intelligence and Technology for SAI (Amsterdam, Holland), co-Founder of Fictionary, a mobile game and of, an organisation that provides Artificial Intelligence and Analytics solutions for national and international public and private organisations.

2. Workshop: “Developing social skills through a joint model designing: dos and don’ts.”  by A. Dedieu (Inseec), P. Sibella (Inseec) & M. Cuypers (Fontys)



1x 45 minute workshop - Try one of these:  

1. Workshop "How to enhance and assess students' solution-oriented thinking skills through working with internationalisation process" by Marja Viljanen and Hamid Guedra (LAB University of Applied Sciences) 

2. Workshop “How to increase your employability through self-leadership" by Niels Høyer and Lars Graulund Jespersen (UCL)

Final word / Video Keynote from student(s)  



The workshop is organized by instructors from the four partner institutions of the Erasmus+ funded Employ Skills project: BBA Inseec (France), Fontys University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands), LAB University of Applied Sciences (Finland), and UCL University College (Denmark).