21st skills - powerful didactics and competencies for learning, grade 1-10


Experience a unique didactic understanding of 21st skills developed for use with pupils of all ages in the Danish school (primary and lower secondary). Engage students in their own in-depth learning and get inspiration and ideas for developing lessons without reinventing the wheel.

The course language will be English.


  • Understand how and why 21st skills has been adapted to fit the demands of the Danish primary and lower secondary school.
  • Gain didactic understanding on how to implement the framework into everyday lessons.
  • Process- and problem based learning.
  • Understand how open and closed sequences in the didactic setup of everyday lessons can promote development of pupils’ meta reflective language about own learning.
  • Adjust materials to own educational context.
  • Develop prototypes.

Please see the full program here

Ture Reimer-Mattesen Konsulent, IT og teknologi
Hanne Reinhold Dinesen Kursussekretær
Karina Lund Kursussekretær