Strengthen your skills and strategies in Classroom Management


Classroom Management has been on the Danish school system’s educational and didactic agenda for the past twenty years. Through knowledge, skills and strategies you will be able to transform your teaching, learning outcome and well-being of your pupils.

The course language will be English.

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Apply Classroom Management to your teaching

NOTE! The course has been moved to week 12 2022

  • Understand the concept of Classroom Management
  • Comprehend the importance of being an authentic teacher
  • Gain knowledge on how to enhance the well-being and learning environment of your class by working systematically with behaviour and relationship management
  • Gain knowledge on how to use different structures and create better learning conditions for your pupils
  • Get inspiration on how to visualize the progression and learning outcome
  • Learn how to give feedback in relation to goals and criteria
  • Promote European cooperation in the field of education within the framework of the Erasmus+ program by partnership building

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Louise Duus Skovbjerg Konsulent, dansk indskoling og børnehaveklassen
Hanne Reinhold Dinesen Kursussekretær
Karina Lund Kursussekretær
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