Using ICT in Mathematics to Enhance Students Learning Outcome


This course will give you ideas on clever use of ICT in math education in primary and lower secondary schools.

The course language will be English.


NOTE! The course has been moved to week 11 2022

During this course we will look into different digital tools for enhancing students’ learning outcome in mathematics.

ICT can be used as a way to make students switch off their brain, by outsourcing the solving of mathematical tasks to a digital tool. On this course we would like to show a different approach to the use of ICT. We would like to show ways on how to use ICT a tool to make students think more, not less, but not necessarily the same. The emphasis must be on students’ understanding of mathematics.

We will be using tools as GeoGebra, spreadsheet, CAS as well as different online tools or manipulatives. We will also be using tools for screen recording or presentation as well as tools for formative assessment during teaching.

The course will focus on learning how to use the different tools on a technical level as well as looking into theories on learning mathematics.

We will also look into resources like Scratch and investigate different ideas for linking coding and mathematics in classroom activities.

We will look into different activities that give students the opportunity to be creative with mathematics and ICT-tools through working with design-challenges. This as a way to work with STEAM in mathematics.

The course will also look into the new topic in Denmark ‘Comprehension of technology’ where part of the topic is integrated into mathematics.

During some of the course days we will visit a nearby school and visit math lessons where students will behere using ICT.

Please see the full program.

Rikke Teglskov Konsulent, Matematik
Hanne Reinhold Piekut Kursussekretær
Karina Lund Kursussekretær