Learning Horizons in Outdoor Learning Environments


The module focuses on how outdoor learning environments can be used as a resource in teaching and/or educational or recreational activities in schools, institutions or community recreational facilities

Possible Combinations

This module is offered in combination with 2 other modules at Campus Jelling:

Cultural Heritage and National Identities


Learning through Experience and Sense Perception

for a full 30 ECTS semester.

UCL University College reserves the right to cancel modules and/or suggest alternatives, if the number of enrolments warrants this.

Target Group

The module is relevant for university or university college students in the following fields: Teacher Education, Social Education, Early Childhood Education, Pedagogy and Outdoor Recreation Studies.

Students from other disciplines are welcome to contact the international coordinator to explore the possibility of enrolment in the module.


The module focuses on how outdoor learning environments can be used as a resource in teaching and/or educational or recreational activities in schools, institutions or community recreational facilities.

Whether the focus is on e.g. school or community gardens or outdoor musical instruments, the purpose of the course is to think out-of-the “indoor learning” box by bringing development and learning outdoors. 

We will work practically and theoretically in active learning communities with themes and issues which will contribute to strengthening our ability and interest in nature, culture and society. 

As well, practical, experimental and craftsmanship skills will be highlighted as a means to explore, with all senses, interpret experiences and create an environment for learning which promotes entrepreneurship and innovation.

Students, on their own or in cooperation with others, will work to create communities and facilitate learning, well-being and development in relation to children, youth and adults in outdoor learning environments and in learning environments out of the classroom.


Marie Bonde Olesen International Coordinator

Brochure Teacher Education

Teaching Methods

All teaching and counselling is in oral English. You will experience several different teaching methods such as lectures, presentations, case work, observation and analysis of actual learning situations, group work, independent studies and project work.

The students will develop a project which springs from the knowledge- and competency objectives, with room for individual and group choice of activities and topic.

While there will be classroom teaching, indoor presentations or group work, many of the activities will occur outdoors. Therefore, students must be prepared to be active participants outdoors in all types of weather.


In order to complete the module and obtain a certificate, the student has to:

  • Actively participate in the design and presentation of the completed study product/project pertaining to out door learning environments.

As the module occurs in both indoor and outdoor learning settings in all types of weather, the student is advised to dress in appropriate clothing and footwear.

Tuition Fee

Not applicable for EU/EEA-students and exchange students from partner institutions, all other students must pay. In this case, please send an e-mail to international@ucl.dk to learn more.

Learning Outcomes

The student will gain knowledge or understanding of:

  • methods and didactics with regards to learning and teaching in outdoor spaces
  • local society’s actors and possibilities within nature, culture and society
  • innovative processes when collaborating with a variety of actors in order to create synergy between schools, institutions and local society
  • aesthetic expressions, their interpretations and communication, the joy they bring, as well as the development of creativity as an element of formation
  • learning and formation, interpretations of man as a reflective, critical, selective individual with ethical intentions

Also, the student will be able to

  • describe, analyse and apply pedagogy and didactics in relation to learning outdoors
  • enter into cooperation with schools, institutions and local society
  • carry out teaching which is experimental and can promote innovation and creativity in the creation of “new” products, which promote the development of entrepreneurship
  • work pedagogically, didactically, practically, experimentally and with craftsmanship with relevant topics
  • actively participate in teaching and learning processes in an alternative learning environment in a grounded and reflective manner


On the basis of the completed study product/project pertaining to outdoor learning environments, the students will present this product/project.

Details regarding the form of the oral presentation will be available in the teaching and examination plan.

Students will be awarded a grade from The Danish 7-point grading scale.

Information concerning admissions

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