UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals


Focus is on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and different theories and understanding of sustainability.

Exchange Programme

Possible Combinations

This module can be combined with 2 of the following English modules: 

Target Group

Exchange students from various faculties or programs of study who have been permitted to study at a university or a University College. The course is particularly suitable for students in the faculties of education, social sciences, natural sciences and humanities.

In order to participate, students must speak English at an advanced level (C level and above in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)).


Focus is on

  • the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)
  • different theories and understanding of sustainability
  • local, regional and global challenges
  • sustainable resource utilisation
  • interaction between people and technology
  • didactic discussions on why and how to teach or work with sustainable subjects or topics
  • developing materials and didactic designs for teaching or working with sustainable subjects or topics in teaching or various professions
Poul Kristensen
Poul Kristensen International Coordinator
Solveig Gaarsmand
Solveig Gaarsmand Lecturer
General Information

Teaching Methods

All teaching and counselling is in oral and written English. You will experience a variety of different teaching methods such as lectures, presentations, dialogue, exchange of experiences, group work, independent studies, portfolio work and a project work at the end of the module. Relevant excursions and field visits will be part of the course schedule.


In order to complete the module and obtain a certificate, the student has to:

  • Participate in the lessons
  • Participate in excursions
  • Complete projects
  • Present projects to internal (peers) and external partners (e.g. schools, kindergartens, companies)
  • Give peer feedback on module products

Course Description

Activity 1

Type of Activity



Approximately 16 course days of 4 lessons per course day, individual preparation and readings.

Course days and times will be stipulated in a timetable, which will be available for students at or before semester start.

Learning Outcome

The student will

  • gain knowledge of the UN SDG’s
  • become skilled in exploring the UN SDG’s from various perspectives, and particularly  a/some specific SDG’s as they relate to the student’s project
  • develop knowledge and competences in developing materials to use while teaching or working with others on topics related to a particular SDG
  • develop knowledge and skills in giving and receiving peer feedback

Activity 2

Type of Activity

Group and Project Work

Learning Outcome

The student will

  • become competent in working in an international group of peers
  • become competent in participating in and carrying out, as well as presenting a project based on the UN SDG’s in a group setting


In order to complete the module and obtain a certificate, you have

  • to attend the lessons
  • to participate in and carry out a project
  • to present a product at the end of the module together with your group or partner

Students will be awarded a grade of pass or fail for the module.