Logistics Management

Academy Profession Programme

For those of you who want to connect the world with efficient logistics

Full Degree Programme

Be prepared for the many challenges in a globalized world

Logistics Management is the ideal study programme for students who wish to utilize efficient logistics to unite the world.

Companies today are looking for employees with strong competences within business, language, and logistics. If you would like to play a central role in planning, coordinating, and managing the company’s flow of goods, information in a global perspective, this is the perfect study programme for you!

Why not choose a challenging study that will provide you with core competences within logistics, international finance, and supply chain management?
Your career will begin from the very first day of your studies. During the education we focus on highly relevant issues within the subject area, among other things by inviting experienced professionals and specialists to visit as guest lecturers. You will acquire core competences upon which you can build further – either in subsequent job situations or through top-ups either in Denmark or abroad.

As a student at UCL University College you will also have an opportunity to gain international experience during your period of study.

Application period

You can apply for the program from October 1st to October 15th

Programme structure

1st year study programme

  • Logistics: Logistics Management// Organisation Theory// The Value chain
  • Marketing: Strategic Analysis and Planning// Market Analysis// Logistical Implications
  • Business Perspectives: Accounting// Commercial Law
  • Language: English

2nd study year study programme

  • Specialization Options
    International Marketing
    Logistics and Planning
  • Electives
    A combination of subjects supports your choice of specialization
  • Final Project
    You decide the topic
    The project is practically oriented and relates to logistic challenges in a company

International possibilities

International profile

As a student at UCL University College you can get an international profile during your study. Depending on your chosen study programme you can go on short international modules, study a semester or do your internship abroad, and participate in international projects.

International knowledge and experience is very useful for you and our society. You will get important insights into other countries' culture, which will make you very attractive on the Danish and international job market.

Going abroad is an adventure, which will equip you with skills and experiences for life. You will develop your self both professionally and personally, and you will get friends and a network abroad.


Practical experience

One of the things that characterises the study programmes at UCL University College is that you will get a very practice-oriented education. You will e.g. work on practical cases in class, and work on projects with real businesses. However the most practice-oriented factor during the study is the internship, which is an integrated part on all studies at UCL.

The internship is your chance to use and test your knowledge and theory 'in the real world'. The internship also gives you the opportunity to test what exactly you want to do with your education when you graduate.

When you need to find your first job as a graduate you will not only have theoretical knowledge, but also important experience on how it is to work in your specific field of interest.

Career and further education

We live in a world where we are increasingly and constantly challenged by the opportunities of globalisation.

Danish companies must be flexible and innovative to cope with this new situation, and although product development and marketing efforts are often initiated in Denmark, actual production is outsourced to suppliers abroad – in and outside Europe.

In future, there will undoubtedly be a heavier demand for highly qualified and competent employees with degrees in logistics and marketing.

Effective logistical management utilising computer-based technologies and telecommunication with vehicles on the road, vessels on the oceans, trains, and aeroplanes can ensure that international shipments will arrive just in time – and according to pre-arranged schedules. And with due respect for the environment.

The Logistics Management programme is designed and developed by the Danish Ministry of Education in close cooperation with business enterprises, organisations, the Danish Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs and the Danish Ministry of Transport and Energy.

After completion of the education programme graduates are offered excellent job possibilities within Logistics and Marketing in Denmark and abroad.

Further education

We are offering 1½ year BA Top-up, as a further study after Logistics Management.

The AP Programme can be extended and qualifies students’ admission to universities offering Bachelor’s or Master’s Degrees.
Generally, the AP degree will give two years’ credit. Opportunities to supplement the Bachelor’s degree with a Master’s exist in Denmark as well as abroad in countries like England, Australia, and the US.

UCL is constantly working on extending and improving the top-up possibilities.

At present we are working closely together with these institutions:

  • Huddersfield University
  • VIA - Value Chain Management
  • Syddansk Universitet - HA
  • Malmø Universitet 

Admission requirements and application

General Diploma requirements:

  • A Danish Gymnasium Diploma or
  • An International or European Baccalaureate Diploma or
  • A “High School” or “Secondary School” Diploma from European or non-European countries, which are equivalent of the Danish Gymnasium level
    • Diplomas from European Countries: Most High School/Secondary School Diplomas are equivalent of the Danish Gymnasium level
    • Diplomas from outside Europe: Most High School/Secondary School Diplomas are not equivalent of the Danish Gymnasium level, but may require one additional year of University studies to meet the required entry level

Specific requirements for Logistics Management:

  • Mathematics or Business Economics passed at a Danish C-level or equivalent
    • Equivalent of a Danish C-level is 125 hours of Mathematics or Business Economics during the last three years of High School/Secondary School
  • English passed at a Danish B-level or equivalent
    • Equivalent of a Danish B-level is 210 hours of English during the last three years of High School/Secondary School

Supplementary requirements:

  • Motivational letter (optional for Danish applicants) explaining your reasons for wanting a study place in this programme
  • Independent English language test (no more than two years old), see minimum scores
    • Danish and Nordic applicants and native English speakers: Independent English language test is not required
    • Non-native English speakers from European countries: all of the mentioned tests will be accepted
    • Non-native English speakers from non-European countries: Only IELTS and TOEFL are accepted

Other qualifications:

If you do not hold the above mentioned qualifications, but you have other relevant qualifications, for instance a Vocational education within a relevant area, please contact a Student Counsellor for an individual assessment.

Tuition fees

NON EU citizens must pay tuition fees.


Kirsten Stürup
Kirsten Stürup Study Counsellor
Liselotte Hansen
Liselotte Hansen Study Secretary