Health Care and Welfare in an International and Multidisciplinary Perspective


Join this module if you are interested in learning about the Danish approach to healthcare and welfare in a mono- and multi-disciplinary perspective.

Exchange Programme

Possible Combinations

The course must be combined with a traineeship within Occupational Therapy or Nursing. For nursing students, it can also be combined with the short course Nursing and Patient Education in a Technological and Cultural Perspective.

Target Group

The course is offered to international exchange students enrolled at the departments of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, radiography and nursing in Odense, Svendborg and Vejle as well as the biomedical laboratory science programme. The course is a supplement to the clinical studies.


This course offered to international students provides insight into the Danish way of working with both mono- and multi-disciplinary efforts with a holistic understanding of the patient’s situation.

The aim is for the student:

  • To offer a Danish approach to healthcare and welfare in a mono- and multi-disciplinary perspective.
  • To acquire knowledge of the different health professions in the Danish welfare system
  • To acquire knowledge of how health professionals collaborate in the multidisciplinary practicing of health

To acquire insight into intercultural differences.

Camilla Søholm International Coordinator

Teaching Methods

  • Oral presentations
  • Group studies


Exchange students are expected to participate in the course when possible in relation to other study activities stated in the learning agreement and agreed upon with local international coordinator.

Students not able to do the full course may if agreed hand in an additional written assignment to meet the requirements.

Tuition Fee

Not applicable for EU/EEA-students and exchange students from partner institutions, all other students must pay. In this case, please send an e-mail to to learn more. 

Activity 1

Type of Activity: Assignment

Each student must make a power point presentation of approx. 10-15 minutes. 

The content should include:

  • a presentation of the student’s country and culture
  • a presentation of the student’s healthcare system
  • a presentation of the student’s educational system in relation to the student’s profession.

Learning Outcome

Students will be introduced to different health professions and multidisciplinary themes to

  • acquire knowledge of different health professions
  • reflect upon different cultural backgrounds and perspectives in relation to own profession
  • describe, analyse and reflect on clinical experiences in relation to multidisciplinary knowledge, competences and skills
  • gain insight into how the patient perspective is considered in the multidisciplinary collaboration
  • make comparisons between the healthcare system in the students’ own countries and the Danish healthcare and welfare systems
  • communicate and argue in a multidisciplinary, intercultural setting
  • acquire intercultural awareness.

Activity 2

Type of Activity: Written assignment

(if agreed upon in the learning agreement)




10-15 pages

Learning Outcome

  • A description of the Danish health Care system and the student´s own health care system, similarities and differences
  • A description of the student´s home education and the Danish education. Similarities and differences
  • Reflection about monodisciplinarity versus multidisciplinary
  • Reflection about own experiences and competences within interdisciplinary collaboration
  • New ways or thoughts to bring home?

Activity 1

There is no examination for this course. The student will get a certificate stating the obtained number of ECTS points.

Activity 2

The student will get a certificate stating the obtained number of ECTS points after handing in the assignment and accepted.