Health Promotion and Physical Activity


Join our module, if you want to learn about health promotion, sports and body awareness in pedagogical praxis.

Exchange Programme

Possible Combinations

10 ECTS points: This is a combined theory and practice element. In 2021, the classroom teaching (10 ECTS) runs from April 6 – May 31, 2021, (week 14 -22, 2021). This course cannot stand alone and MUST be combined with a practice placement. The practice placement can be taken before or after the classroom teaching element is completed. The practice placement gives 1.5 ECTS per week.

5 ECTS points: A shorter theoretical element (5 ECTS) starting May1 – May 31, 2021. The classroom teaching cannot stand alone. This MUST be followed by up with a practice placement of up to 4 weeks starting June 1, 2021. The practice placement gives 1.5 ECTS per week.

Semester exchanges (up to a max. 30 ECTS at 1.5 ECTS per week): Additional practice placements, starting February 1 or March 1, are possible before the theoretical course. Please contact the International Co-worker for Social Education, Ms. Samantha Ashton- Fog, for more information.

Target Group

The module is of interest for students who would like to establish learning environments based on pedagogical activities focusing on health, well-being and body awareness for children, youths or adults.

Students from areas of study such as Social Education, Teacher Education, or Physical Education


The purpose of the module is that the student obtains knowledge about:

  • Relevant areas within health promotion, sports and body awareness
  • Experiential and learning possibilities within sports and movement activities
  • Implementation of health promotion, sports and movement in pedagogical praxis
  • Health-discourses and the relevance for the social educator’s daily praxis

As well, the student obtains competencies in relation to

  • Stating reasons for, planning, conducting and assessing pedagogical activities within health promotion, sports- and movement activities
  • Considering different target groups and their preconditions for participation in pedagogical praxis
  • Defining, assessing and reflecting upon one’s own state of health as well as one’s own abilities and competencies within sports and movement activities
  • Developing and applying health promotion, sports and movement activities within a professional context
Samantha Ashton-Fog International Co-worker

Teaching Methods

Applying students will be enrolled in an existing course taught in Danish. Teaching will primarily occur in Danish. English speaking “study buddies” will be assigned and will support English-speaking students. All counselling is in oral and written English.

Students will experience a variety of teaching methods such as lectures, presentations, dialogue, exchange of experiences, group work, independent studies, portfolio, project work as well as physical activity and movement in gymnasiums, outdoors in nature, and possibly in swimming pools.


In order to complete the module and obtain a certificate, the student has to:

  • Participate in all face-to-face lectures and hours of work during the practice placement.
  • Make and present a personal portfolio for external approval.

Students must be aware that communication with the lecturers, both oral and written, will be in English.

Special requirements relating to the Practice Placement element of the module:

  • Special conditions with regard to the student’s health and physical condition may apply.
  • Students with a criminal record will not be accepted.

Tuition Fee

Not applicable for EU/EEA-students and exchange students from partner institutions, all other students must pay. In this case, please send an e-mail to to learn more.  

Activity 1

Type of Activity

Course work/theory element


Health Promotion and Physical Activity, module 14


10 ECTS (5 ECTS can be agreed upon – see under the information under Section ”Possible Combinations of Modules/Courses”)


The theory element will be from Tuesday, April 6 – Monday, May 31, 2021, and equivalent to 10 ECTS. This module consists of 84 lessons and 12 workshop lessons. Students are expected to put in a minimum of 40 hours of work per week.

For a shorter 5 ECTS theory element, please see note in section “Possible Combinations of Modules/Courses”.

Learning Outcome

Engage in theoretical and practical topics of Health Promotion and Physical Activity

See Purpose above.

Activity 2

Type of Activity

Practice placement


Practice placement


Minimum 5 ECTS – to a maximum of 25 ECTS (cannot stand alone; must be combined with the theory element: “Health promotion and Physical activities, module 14”)


Approx. 30 hours per week

Learning Outcome

Participate and work in a professional social education setting.

Placement specific knowledge, skills and competences will be described upon matching students with workplaces (day-cares/kindergartens, school settings, youth clubs, sports and social clubs, care facilities, etc.)

The examination form is an individual portfolio.

Students will receive the grade of pass/fail upon completion.