SU counselling

Information and guidance on SU - the Danish state educational support.

Foreign Citizens

If you are not a Danish Citizen, you have to meet certain requirements in order to be able to receive SU.

Click here for the current rules and regulations regarding SU as a foreign citizen.

Information about Study activity control from Uddannelses- og Forskningsstyrelsen (SU Board)

From 16 to 29 March, a control of study activity in relation with SU is taking place. This means that students who are more than 30 ECTS credits (one semester / half a year) late, will receive a consultation letter in their E-box on 30 or 31 March 2021.

If you have received a consultation letter, please read the letter thoroughly.

If the delay is due to illness, it is very important that you read the section regarding illness. Contact your SU supervisor by calling hotline.

In case of questions regarding the consultation letter, you are advised to call your SU supervisor on hotline Tuesday 6 April at 12.00-15.00 or Thursday at 09.00-12.00 on tel. 6318 4141.

New administration system and SU

EU citizens can apply for SU according to the conditions below.

If you wish to apply for SU you must:

  • Be an employee for a Danish company
  • Work minimum 10-12 hours per week (every week, except holiday weeks)

Note: In order to get employment in Denmark, you must have a valid residence permit, a CPR number, a NemID, a NemKonto (an official bank account), and a tax card.

If you fulfill the conditions for receiving SU, this is how you apply:

  • You can apply for SU after you have received your final admission letter by e-mail
  • You must fill in the application form online at - Log on with your NemID, fill in the application, and the online form for foreign citizens and submit documentation. Everything has to be done online.
  • The decision will be sent to your E-boks
  • If you are granted SU, you will receive it from the month you applied

Note: The SU authority make an ongoing assessment of your status as worker under EU law. SU receive information from the tax authorities. If you are unable to document that you have worked minimum 10-12 hours per week - every week - your SU will be stopped, and you will be asked to pay back any SU that you have wrongly received.

Read about Danish tax rules here.

If you are receiving SU according to EU law (see SU for EU citizens), you must be aware that if you go abroad for your unpaid internship, you are no longer entitled to receive SU. This happen because you cannot fulfill the conditions of working at least 10-12 hours weekly in Denmark.

It is very important that you choose NOT to receive SU during your internship period. You do that on minSU - Ret din SU - Fravælg SU - From (første måned med fravalg) example 'October' - to (sidste måned med fravalg). You have to do so by the 15th the month before.

If you stop your employment before internship, you have to stop your SU for the rest of your education.

When you return to Denmark, and IF you find a new job, you must apply for SU again according to the original application procedure.

If you have forgotten to cancel your SU during internship abroad, you will be asked to pay back the amount that you have worngly received.

If you are receiving SU according to EU law (see SU for EU citizens), you must be aware that you still have to work weekly between at least 10-12 hours. Internship is not considered a job, because it is part of your education.


SU for a Bachelor top-up programme

For those of you, who are entitled to receive SU -State educational support:

Foreign students who have graduated in June, from an AP Degree giving direct access to a Bachelor (Top up), are entitled to receive SU from July (same graduation year), if they fulfil the current rules and regulations regarding SU for foreign citizens.

If you gratuated from an AP Degree in January or last year, you can apply for SU from September.

When to apply for SU (for July)

  1. You receive an acceptance letter
  2. You accept your Top Up.
  3. When your Top-up is visible on minSU, you can apply for SU (approximately in the middle of July).

You can expect to receive your SU for July at the end of July.

If you have any questions regarding SU, you can call the SU-hotline +45 6318 4141 or create a case here: Studyservicedesk. The SU-hotline is open from 9-12 Tuesday and Thursday.

Which programmes entitle you to receive SU during the summer holidays (July and August)

Product Development and Integrative Technology:

AP Degree in IT Technology

International Hospitality Management:

AP Degree in Marketing Management

AP Degree in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management

Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

AP Degree in Marketing Management

AP Degree in IT Technology

AP Degree in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management

International Sales and Marketing:

AP Degree in Marketing Management


If you have any questions you are welcome to contact one of our SU Counsellors.

If you need to contact the Danish Agency for Higher Educational Support you can call this phone number: +45 7231 7900


Avoid missing important messages from the SU administration

Remeber to check your E-boks.


Call this number about TAX (SKAT): +45 722 2795

Seebladsgade, Boulevarden and Klostervænget

SU questions:

You can get counselling either by visiting the office in person, call SU-Hotline or create a case
and upload documentation to

Call SU-hotline 6318 4141

  • Tuesday 12 pm - 15
  • Thursday 9 am - 12

Personal counselling:

Due to Covid19, personal counselling is replaced by phone; 6318 4141

Opening hours:

Wednesday 09.00 - 12.00 - Press 1

Youth card:

If you are a student at UCL, you can apply for a Youth Card that gives discount on transport between home and study address, or between your home and internship address. For more information - see, and you must use NemID to log on. You can apply for the Youth Card 1 month before study start or internship start.