If you consider disenrolling from your study programme, it is always a good idea to contact a student counsellor to have a talk about your thoughts and considerations before you disenroll. Perhaps you and the student counsellor can find another solution that fits you better

If you still want to disenroll after your talk with the student counsellor, there are some things you should be aware of.

What should I do?

You can disenroll from the studies, by sending a ticket via. Studyservicedesk.

If you have not already talked to a student counsellor, you will be contacted by one by phone. After this, the study secretary from your study programme will disenroll you, your SU will be stopped, and you will receive confirmation of your disenrollment. Your disenrollment is valid from the date that you sent in the disenrollment form.

If you want counselling about other possibilities within further education, you can contact Studievalg.

If you have already passed some of your courses, you can print out the documentation yourself from ItsLearning.


If you regret the disenrollment from your study programme and want to start up at the same study programme again, there are factors you need to be aware of. You can apply for admission 5 months after your disenrollment at the earliest, and you will only be able to start up again, if there are available seats. It is the head of department, who assess, whether there is room for more students at the study programme that you wish to start at. You can contact the student counsellor to hear more about your possibilities.

If you are admitted at the study programme, you will be signed up on the newest curriculum. This might mean that you will not be able to get full credit for all of the courses which you have passed before your disenrollment.

If you want to be enrolled at the study programme that you disenrolled from, and you have not passed any exams at the study programme previously, you will have to apply again through optagelse.dk (summer intake) or through the academy’s application form (winter intake). Your application will be assessed on equal terms as all other applicants. There is a limit to how many students that can be enrolled at the individual study programmes, which means that you are not guaranteed a seat at the particular study programme.

Have you been disenrolled from UCL?

If you have been disenrolled from the university because you have used all your examination attempts, you will have to apply for exemption, before you can be enrolled at the study programme again. It is always a good idea to contact the student counsellor for more information, before you apply.