Exam and test appeals

As a student you are able to complain about the examination conditions.

If you want to make a formal complaint about your examination, you must send an individual, written complaint, where you have stated your reasons for complaining.

You must send your exam complaint no later than 2 weeks after your grade has been given.

For more information about, what you can complain about and how your exam complaint will be handled, read this guide for students.

Please send your exam complaint through service.ucl.dk

7 tips

  • Once you have completed your exam, it is a good idea to evaluate both the examination process and the outcome. What can you learn before your next exam?

  • After attending oral exams, it is a good idea to write down everything which was said during the exam and to save any notes from your preparation.   
  • If your exam complaint results in an offer for a new exam or a new assesment, you must be aware that you are at risk of getting a lower grade than the original one, because the original exam result will be annulled and your new grade will be the final one.   
  • It is a good idea to think carefully, before sending an exam complaint – maybe sleep on it. You have 14 days to send your complaint, counting from the day, when your grade was given.   
  • Consider carefully what you want to complain about. If you have several complaint points, it is a good idea to divide your complaint into separate bullet points in order to ensure that you have mentioned all relevant issues.   
  • It is a good idea to consider your reasons for complaining, and to write your reasons clearly in order to ensure that your arguments are supporting your complaint in the best possible way.    
  • Read your complaint letter thoroughly before sending it. Perhaps you can get a friend to read it with the purpose of correcting any unclear statements or abbreviations before sending it.