Going abroad

As a student at UCL, you have the opportunity to take a period of study abroad - and at the same time have the experience of a lifetime.

For students

Why go abroad?

If you dream of challenging yourself academically and personally, exploring other cultures and experiencing something really special, then you should consider taking a study period abroad.

A study period abroad could be the experience of a lifetime - an experience that prepares you well for the future, both academically and personally. It can help you stand on your own feet and acquire the professional, linguistic and personal competencies and skills demanded by today's employers.


Take a study period abroad if you want to:

  • acquire academic and professional qualifications in your field other than those obtained during your studies at UCL in Denmark;
  • build a strong international profile and gain a more global outlook;
  • develop your personal and professional skills in areas such as problem solving, group collaboration, and more.
  • Meet exciting people and events that will broaden your life experience.


Grasp the world

Wherever stage you are at in your studies, a period of study abroad may be relevant. The Ministry of Higher Education and Science has a website called 'Gribverden' (Grasp the World) where you can get inspiration and help with regard to mobility. Click on the logo below to read more about studying abroad on the Ministry’s website.