Application procedure for a traineeship abroad

For those who want to see the world through a traineeship abroad.

How do I get a traineeship abroad?

The application procedure for a traineeship abroad varies, depending on the course of studies you are following at UCL.

You will find the application procedures further down the page.

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The application procedure step by step - Business & Technology

The first things you have to do are:

  • At least 6 months before you are due to leave, get information about traineeship opportunities related to your course of study. Contact your traineeship supervisor for further information.
  • Find out what your course of study is called in English.
  • Find out how long a potential traineeship should last according to your course
  • If you want a package solution, which means that a traineeship is found for you for a fee, you might like to contact Studysea.

Wherever you intend to go, you must complete a mandatory online application form, which will automatically be sent to your international coordinator/traineeship coordinator and the International Team at UCL.

You should discuss the learning objectives with your traineeship supervisor and get his/her approval. Each study area has an international coordinator/traineeship coordinator. You can read more about the learning objectives and the approval process further down the page under 'Traineeship Agreement & Learning Agreement'.

Please also note that if your study abroad is a combination of study and a traineeship, you must use the online application form for traineeships abroad.

You can apply for an Erasmus+ or Nordplus grant on the application form for traineeships abroad.

Online application form for traineeships abroad

Application Deadlines

The application deadline for traineeships is ongoing, but you must apply at the latest one and a half months before your traineeship starts. We recommend that you start earlier if your traineeship host has been confirmed.

Once you submit your application, you will immediately receive confirmation that we have received it. A few weeks after applying, you will be told whether your traineeship has been approved or not.


For a traineeship abroad, you must personally apply to a prospective traineeship host, following their guidelines. If you would like help with your personal letter and CV, you can contact Career Counselling and book an appointment.

The traineeship agreement is an agreement between you, UCL and the traineeship host, and you are personally responsible for completing an electronic traineeship agreement, which is the basis for receiving credits.

If you are receiving a grant from Erasmus+ or Nordplus, a further requirement is that a learning agreement be drawn up between you, UCL and the traineeship host. This will cover the learning objectives you have to achieve during your traineeship. The learning agreement will be completed by you and your traineeship supervisor.

Your traineeship supervisor will approve your learning agreement. It is your responsibility subsequently to send your learning agreement to your traineeship host.

Learning agreement

Guide: How to fill in your Learning agreement

At the end of your stay, make sure to get written proof from your traineeship host that you have completed your traineeship. You will be sent a certificate of attendance template, which you can fill in and ask your traineeship host to sign. You must then send this document to your international coordinator or traineeship coordinator so you can be awarded credits for your traineeship.

If you are receiving an Erasmus+ or Nordplus grant, additional documents will be required. It is your responsibility to get the correct documents delivered on time - both before and after your study stay, as required. The international team will send you the relevant documents.

This decision cannot be appealed, because it is a discretionary decision.

However, you may appeal to the Danish Agency for Higher Education in accordance with the Ministerial Order on Academy Profession and Professional Bachelor Programmes section 22, if the appeal concerns legal issues.

For instance if you believe that we have made a formal mistake in the treatment of your case or we have not used the applied legislation correctly.

If you want to make an appeal concerning legal issues, you must send your complaint no later than 2 weeks after receiving our decision.

Please send your appeal to the International Team at the Student Administration Services:

If you have any questions regarding the above procedure, please feel free to contact your traineeship coordinator/traineeship supervisor or the International Team at