Internship Portal

Manage your internship agreements: Internship Portal

All information about your internship gathered in one place 

Internships for students on UCI study courses are managed through the Internship Portal.

Through the Internship Portal, you can enquire about internships, get in touch with your place of internship, find documents relevant to your internship, etc.

When you have found an internship, you must fill out and sign an internship agreement that must be approved by UCL University College. This is done electronically.

You can choose to fill in contract form together with the company, or you can fill it in at home.

The sections you must fill in are:

  • The company name, address, and telephone number
  • Name and e-mail of your contact person at the company
  • Dates for the start and end of the internship
  • Weekly hours
  • If it is agreed that you must sign a confidentiality agreement in connection with the internship, you must write this in the box with your description of work tasks/learning objectivities. 

Finally, there is a section where you have to describe which tasks you have agreed to perform during your internship. It is important to pay attention to the details here, because it is based on these agreed tasks that the head of your department or internship coordinator must be able to approve your internship agreement with the company. The tasks must match your learning objectives for the internship. You can find those in the curriculum. If you have any questions, you can ask your specialist teacher or one of the internship counsellors in your department.

When you have completed your contract form, the agreement will be sent to the head of department/internship coordinator who must approve it; if it is approved, both you and your contact person at the company will receive an e-mail with a copy of the agreement. If they agree with what is stated therein, they must reply “Approved” and the agreement will thereby be valid.