Internship videos

Looking for an internship? There are videos that can inspire you and offer further information - for example, about looking for an internship abroad.

Videos offering information about internships 

Below you will find videos containing information about internships.

The videos deal with the following topics:

  • Internship applications
  • Filling in an internship agreement
  • International internships
  • Approval of an internship as a part of the study programme
  • Course-specific information related to exams

Please note! The videos below primarily concern the following study programmes:

  • Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • BA Top-up in International Hospitality Management
  • BA Top-up in Sport Management

If you are a student from another study programme you might, however, find some inspiration in:

  • Video 00 Introduction to Internship
  • Video 01 General info on Internship
  • Video 02 The Internship Search
  • Video 03 Internship Abroad

Do you have any questions about your internship, please contact your internship counsellor.