Parenthood and studies

Even though you are becoming a parent, there is no reason to give up your studies. A lot of students actually consider the study period as the perfect time to get a child.

What can I do?

During the maternity leave do not sign out of the studies or obtain leave. Instead contact the academy to inform us that you will not study for a period, or that you study less hours due to the maternity leave. You can contact the Study Secretary or the Student Counsellor at you study.

You need to bring documentation in shape of a maternity record, birth certificate or adoption papers.


When you and your partner know the date of the birth you can contact your Study Counsellor, to have a talk about your future study process. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • When do you think you need to leave the studies?
  • When do you think you can return to your studies?
  • How does your wishes and study fit together?

It is often problematic to return to the studies in the middle of September – and often it is not possible at all. Contact your Student Counsellor or get an overview of the structure of your study programme in the curriculum.

Even though you prepare to have a perfectly structured study process, you have to remember that pregnancy and maternity does not always go as planned. Maybe your pregnancy is harder than expected, or you might deliver the baby before time. Maybe your child is not prepared to go to a nursery when you have planned to start up on your studies – or maybe you are not ready to have others to look after your child. It is perfectly alright to make an optimistic study plan. Many students have taken exams and handed in assignments few weeks before birth. But be mentally prepared that things might be different for you.    


You can get extra SU. You can find more information about how to distribute your SU during the year at SU’s website. Contact your Student Counsellor if you have any doubts about the process.

Can I be study active while I am on maternity leave?

It is okay to be study active during your maternity leave. If you have the energy to take one or more classes, have a talk about your possibilities with your Student Counsellor.

Special circumstances related to pregnancy and birth

If you for example get sick during the pregnancy or birth, and you need to prolong your maternity leave, please contact your Student Counsellor to hear about your options.