Standards for contact and behaviour

The purpose of these guidelines is to describe the standards for good and considerate behaviour, which applies to all students and course participants in UCL University College (UCL)


UCL wishes to strengthen a good study- and work environment. We believe this will succeed if we help each other to respect a mutual set of rules.

Therefore UCL has created a set of behaviour rules, called ”Standards for contact and behaviour”. The rules contain information about the UCL smoking policy as well as UCL´s opinion on alcohol consumption, data safety, bicycle parking and much more.

Standards for contact and behaviour.

Code of Conduct regarding online study activities.

UCL has also prepared a policy for students regarding Sexism and Sexual Abuse.

UCL policy on Sexism and Sexual Abuse

Contact your study programme manager or your student counsellor if you experience that the UCL guidelines for good behaviour are not respected or if you feel harassed.

Consequences in case of violation of the guidelines for good behaviour

Below you will find an overview of UCL's sanction possibilites. The full version, including explanations, can be found in the 'Standards for contact and behaviour'.

Criminal offences will be reported to the police

UCL reserves the right - besides the sanction options already mentioned - to submit a police report regarding students, who are under suspicion of violating actual criminal laws, for instance regaring violence, weapons, drugs, data security etc.