Student counselling

At the Student Counsellors you can get help and guidance about everything from choice of study to admission, and information about the opportunities you have while you study.

Our Student Counsellors know the facts about your study. They know about the rules, exemptions, consequences if you have missed your exams, and if you are delayed during your studies. You are also welcome to contact the Student Counsellors if you have any doubts about your choice of study, or if you have any concerns about completing the study.

Contact the Student Counsellors if

  • you want help to select the right study programme
  • you have any questions about admission or admission requirements
  • you any questions about your study, or if you are not sure that you have chosen the right study programme
  • you want help with applications related to credits from other studies, or exemption applications
  • you need an overview of the rules, and procedures of your study
  • you wish to improve your study and exam techniques
  • you for some reason need to have an individually planned study programme
  • you experience unexpected obstacles during your studies
  • or if you just need a talk

Do you have any questions of personal matter you are more than welcome to contact us. All Student Counsellors are subjects to confidentiality restrictions.