Unsolicited internship applications

Many internships, like ordinary jobs, never get posted, so an unsolicited internship application can be a good idea. If the internship of your dreams has not been posted, do not give up. Unsolicited applications are hard work compared to a position that has been posted. On the other hand, the competition will most likely not be as big, since there are not 250 others applying for the same position.

When you have made your company search, select a few companies that you have researched thoroughly. At the UCL library in Odense, you can get help with information searches and access to various business databases.

Moving on, you can do more detailed research: What does the company actually work with? How many departments does the company consist of (professionally and perhaps geographically)? And most importantly; which department could benefit from you and your skills?

Finally, tailor your CV so that it only contains information that is relevant for the company and position you are applying for. In your application (also known as a cover letter or motivational letter) you then describe how you will put the information contained in your CV to use at the company. Describe:

  • Why you are interested in the company/department/business area
  • What tasks you can perform
  • What issues you can help solve
  • Why you are the best candidate

Remember: the company does not know that they need an intern. You have to create that need for them and also tell them why that intern should be you.

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