Product Development and Integrative Technology

Top Up Bachelor's Programme

For those of you who want to develop products through integration of technical and creative processes.

Full Degree Programme


The Danish Government has decided to reduce the number of English-language programmes in Denmark. As a consequence, all international programmes at UCL University College will be phased out from 2022. We are not allowed to admit new students to the international programmes from 2022 and onwards.



If you wish to advance your qualifications in your area of profession, you should take a BA in product development and integrative technology

After finishing your academy profession degree, you can proceed directly with a Top-Up Bachelor’ degree. A Top-Up Bachelor in Product Development and Integrative Technology is a good opportunity to further develop your skills within your area of profession, and also to experience interdisciplinary work across other fields of profession. Through this interdisciplinarity, you will achieve a role as an integrator, which enables you to handle tasks that cut across different fields of profession.

Upon graduation, you will qualify for jobs in a great variety of companies, ranging from consultancy companies to large industrial enterprises.


The programme covers three professional fields:

  • IT and electronics for IT and electronics engineers.
  • Installation and automation for installation contractors, automation engineers, and energy technologists.
  • Development of products and productions for production engineers.

International profile

As a student at UCL University College, it is possible to create an international profile during your studies. Depending on your chosen study programme, you can complete short international modules, study a semester or do your internship abroad, and participate in international projects.

The knowledge and insights that come from international experiences, as you encounter foreign cultures, can be useful for more than personal enrichment. Such insights may also make you highly attractive to the Danish and international job markets.

Going abroad is an adventure, which will equip you with skills and experiences for life. You will grow both professionally and personally, and you have a great opportunity to make new friends and a expand your network abroad.

Double degree education in Portugal

Enhance your employability with both a Danish and an international Diploma.

It is now possible for students at BA in Product Development and Integrative Technology with a full degree in Production Technology or similar AP Degree to take a double degree at IPB Polytechnic Institute i Braganca in Portugal.

A double degree means that you will receive both a Danish diploma from UCL University College as well as an international diploma from IPB Polytechnic Institute in Braganca. With both a Danish and an international diploma, you enhance your employability, both in Denmark and internationally.

A double degree may be the right option for you, if you are ambitious about your studies and further educational – and career opportunities. This means that only the most active and talented students will be granted the opportunity to apply for a double degree at IPB Polytechnic Institute.

What does this mean in regards to my studies?

When you enroll in a double degree, you spend the 2nd semester of your studies at BA in Product Development and Integrative Technology as an Exchange student at IPB Polytechnic Institute i Braganca in Portugal.

Your internship during the 3rd semester will be attached to IPB Polytechnic Institute, but you can apply for internship anywhere you want to.
Your bachelor project will be a joint project with supervisors attached from both IPB Polytechnic Institute and UCL University College.

More information and application

You will be invited to an information meeting about the double degree in the beginning of your 1st semester at BA in Product Development and Integrative Technology in the fall. Here you will get information about contents and requirements as well as information about the application procedure.
Deadline for application to the double degree at IPB Polytechnic Institute is October 15th.

Feel free to contact Lector Bettina Lynn Szweda with any questions you may have either by phone 30 58 70 74 or mail address 

Practical experience

One of the things that characterise the study programmes at UCL University College is that you will receive an education that emphasises practical experience. Amongst other things, you will work on practical cases in class, and work on projects with real businesses. The most practically-oriented part of the study is the internship, which is an integrated part of all study programmes at UCL.

The internship is your chance to use and test your knowledge and theory in the 'real world'. The internship also gives you the opportunity to test, what exactly you want to do with your degree once graduated. 

When the time comes for you to find your first job as a graduate, you will because of a strong internship not only have theoretical knowledge, but also important experience of how it is to work in your specific field of interest.


After finishing the education, you can get a job in a wide variety of companies ranging from consultancy companies to large industrial enterprises.

The job opportunities lie mainly in the development, construction, and completion of products and technical systems/solutions. This also includes handling managerial tasks within development and integration tasks.

The job functions you will be able to handle depend on your qualifying education since this is what we build and expand on.

Please note: You can apply for this education from March 1st. 

General Diploma requirements:

To enter the programme you must have one of these Academy Profession (AP) degrees:

  • Automation Engineering
  • Energy Technology
  • Service Engineering
  • IT Technology
  • Production Technology
  • Process Technology (No State Educational Grant in July and August)

English requirements:

If your AP degree has been taught entirely in English, there are no further requirements for proof of English language skills.
However, if your degree has not been taught entirely in English, you must show proof of your English language skills. Your English language test must be no more than two years old. See minimum requirements.

Individual assessment

If you hold a similar degree from another country, your application will go through an individual assessment, where the content of your degree will be compared to our AP degrees.

Documents to include

When you apply, you should attach all relevant documents, for instance:

  • Your AP degree Diploma including a transcript of subjects and grades, or just a transcript of grades, if you have not yet completed your degree. All Diplomas and transcripts must be in English as well as original language if the degree was not taken in English
  • Proof of English language skills, if your degree was not entirely taught in English
  • Proof of citizenship and/or your current residence permit to Denmark
  • A motivational letter, explaining why you want to study this programme
  • A CV, which shows your education, work experience, and other relevant competences
  • Your High School diploma in order to see which year you finished High School

Available study places

We only have a limited number of places in this study programme.

Summer Intake: 24 places.

If we receive applications from more qualified applicants than we can admit to this programme, we will select the best-qualified applicants based on an assessment of the following criteria:

  • Grades from the applicants AP degree
  • English skills
  • Relevant work experience
  • Content of motivational letter

Tuition fees

NON-EU citizens must pay tuition fees.

Information concerning admissions

Please contact UCL's Admissions Hotline if your enquiry is related to:

  • Admission requirements
  • Application procedure
  • Admission

On July 28, you will be informed via UCL's Admissions Portal whether or not you have been admitted to the course of studies for which you have applied. 

Phone: +45 6318 3333

Susanne Skov Nielsen Study Counsellor - Available: Wednesday at 9-11, Thursday at 11-13 and Fridays (23/8, 20/9, 25/10, 29/11, 20/12) at 10-12
Susan Nielsen Study Secretary
Information concerning admissions

+45 6318 3333

Please contact UCL's admissions Hotline if your enquiry is related to:

  • Admission requirements
  • Application procedure
  • Admission