Creative approaches to teaching grammar


How, if at all, should we teach grammar? Old habits die hard so why not refresh our views on how grammar should be introduced and practised in an English language classroom.

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Real communication seldom reflects the traditional course book approach of presentation-practice-consolidation and production. In this practical workshop we will try to discover how to facilitate creative production of language and how to help students master grammar in slightly less orthodox and predictable ways.

In this workshop we are going to look at what grammar is and why so much stress is put on learning and teaching it. Should it really be a separate part of language teaching? Or can it be absorbed in an unobtrusive, natural way? We will briefly recapitulate different approaches to grammar instruction and see ifand how we can use them in modern language teaching.

The main part of the workshop will focus on creative presentation and
practice techniques. We?ll both practise and create tasks, activities and
lessons which will be ready for use in your classrooms, at the same time
analysing the way they work and preparing a springboard for devising your own tasks and activities. While bearing in mind different ages, levels and needs of the learners we will explore grammar activities in context: through visuals, games, songs, music clips, chants and poems.

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