Overview of IO's

In the EmploySkills project the following deliverables called Intellectual Output (IO) has been developed:

Intellectual Outputs

IO1 - State of the Art Report

  • The aim of this intellectual output was to develop a state of the art report concerning skills mismatch with specific focus on transversal skills.

IO2 - Modules Curriculum Development

  • The aim of this output was to design new modules - curricula (corresponding to 30 ECTS) that will support students in acquiring and developing transversal skills in order to reduce skills mismatch and foster employability.

IO3 - Assement Toolbox

  • The aim of this output was to develop new tools to assess transversal skills. The assessment toolbox can easily be transferred to other sectors and institutions since the tools are not linked to a specific study field.

IO4 - Teacher Training Module

IO5 - Teacher Support Systems - Teachers Handbook

IO6 - Pilot 

  • The aim of this intellectual output was to set-up a pilot with minimum 100 students from the participating institutions. The purpose of the pilot was to implement, test and evaluate the modules, assessment toolbox and support systems.