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UCL has campuses in several cities in Funen and the southern part of Denmark. Get contact numbers and practical information about all the addresses.

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Contact information for Full Degree Programmes is found under the programme, about which you wish to enquire.

Full Degree Programmes

Christina Højsgaard Madsen Senior International Consultant
Elena Federle International Consultant


You can find a list of our International Coordinators for English study programmes at this link

All staff and departments can be contacted by using the main number

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If you have lost your exam certificate, do not despair!

Have you lost your original exam certificate?

Do not despair, it is possible to get a certified replacement exam certificate.

  • Fill out the enclosed form
  • When we have registered your order, we will send the replacement exam certificate to your e-Boks. The processing time will be about four weeks.

Please note

In the case of most courses of study we can supply exam certificates from 2009 onwards, though there are a number of exceptions.

As a general rule, if you have studied at SDE or Tietgen you will have to contact these institutions in order to retrieve your old exam certificate.