UCL Niels Bohrs Allé and UCL Seebladsgade

UCL has campuses at 2 central locations in Odense: in Niels Bohrs Allé in Odense M and in Seebladsgade close to the harbour and the railway station.

Practical Information

UCL Niels Bohrs Allé

Niels Bohrs Allé 1, 5230 Odense M

Office hours

Monday-Thursday 7.30-15.30
Friday 7.30-15.00


You can park in all the parking areas around campus in UCL Niels Bohrs Allé. You do not have to register your car to park here, but you have to leave the car inside the marked up areas.

Parking out side the marked areas is not allowed. The parking areas are checked by parking attendants regularly.


We have designated parking spaces for the disabled at the end of building E and at building A.

UCL Seebladsgade

Seebladsgade 1, 5000 Odense C

Office hours

Monday-Thursday 7.30-15.30
Friday 7.30-15.00


As a guest, you can register your car in advance by mailing us at this address (weekdays only):


We need the following information before 12 o’clock on the weekday before your arrival.

Registration number:
Mobile phone number:
Date of visit:

You will then receive a text message with a receipt.

If you have not registered in advance, please remember to register your car at your arrival at the iPad in the information area at entrance A.

Just enter the registration number of your car and the number of your mobile phone. Then you will receive a parking license for one day. You do not have to leave a visible receipt or ticket in the car.

Please note that Area 3510 includes all the parking areas at our address.

Are you a student?

Download the EAL Selvbetjenings app and register your car.