Admission FAQ

Are you waiting for a response to your application for admission to one of our programmes? We have gathered the most frequently asked questions so that you can quickly find answers questions about admission.


  • You will receive an answer to your application on 28 July in nemStudie:

    The answer will be available just after midnight, but it may take several hours before you receive the confirmation email in nemStudie, where you can read more about the study start at UCL. Therefore, it may take several hours before you receive a welcome letter with further information regarding your admission and start of studies.

    This may take up to 24 hours if there is a queue in the system.

  • Emails will be sent from nemStudie when something new has happened in connection with your application.

    If you are waiting for a notification regarding your application, check if the email has landed in your spam filter. You can always log in to nemStudie and see if there is news about your application:

    You can find more information at:

  • If you have not received an answer in nemStudie, then you need to check your e-boks.

    You only get one answer. Either you get an admission offer, that is, an offer of a study place or a standby place from an educational institution. Or you will receive a rejection letter from the Coordinated Registration (KOT) via e-boks.

  • You must accept the education that you would like to be admitted to. You do this at nemStudie:

  • Once you have accepted an education at UCL via nemStudie, you will receive a confirmation email which is your welcome letter with various information about your new education. You can expect to receive the letter after you have confirmed the education at nemStudie - note, however, that there may be a queue in the system, and in that case it may take up to 24 hours before you receive this confirmation email.

  • If you can not log in to nemStudie then try a different browser. Remember that your browser must be updated with the latest version. We also recommend that you use a computer rather than logging in via your phone.

  • From 28 July, you can see on which educations have vacancies: 

  • You apply for vacancies via nemStudie:

    The application deadline is early August, the exact date appears on and on nemStudie. All applications received before the deadline expire on an equal footing. After the deadline, the first-come, first-served principle applies if there are still vacancies - that is, applications after the application deadline expire are processed in the order in which they are received.