Useful information regarding UCL and the Erasmus+ programme, including the institution’s Erasmus Information Sheet.

University Charter

In 2020, UCL University College was awarded an Erasmus Extended University Charter by the European Commission, enabling us to participate in the Erasmus+ programme for the time period 2021-27.

You can see the awarded Charter here

Every year, we receive funding from the Erasmus+ programme. The funding makes it possible to cooperate with international partners, mainly in the programme countries within the EU, but also with partner institutions in countries outside the EU.

UCL sends students and staff abroad, receives exchange students and visiting staff from abroad and participates in projects and strategic partnerships, too.

Our participation in the Erasmus+ programme is a good opportunity to stimulate the international study environment at UCL for national and international students.

Participation too, improves all students’ abilities to be a part of an attractive workforce in Europe.

Erasmus+ mobility activities for staff contribute to their academic and professional development increasing their knowledge production and dissemination in close cooperation with other professionals.

In this context, knowledge of good learning practises and teaching methods is further developed, enhancing the quality of teaching to the befit of students.

Erasmus Policy Statement

UCL’s application is supported by an international declaration of intent.

Erasmus Policy Statement – UCL University College

The policy statement commits UCL not to charge tuition fees for exchange students, to give full academic credits for courses of study followed by exchange students and to ensure quality control of all mobility activities.

The Erasmus Policy Statement also states our strategic priorities and goals with regards to Erasmus+ and it describes how we plan to arrange traineeships, secure quality and the support and services offered to incoming exchange students.

Erasmus Information Sheet

The Erasmus Information Sheet of UCL University College contains useful information about our international staff, how to apply, housing and buddies for incoming exchange students and much more.

Erasmus Information Sheet

Erasmus ID code: DK ODENSE23
PIC-code: 949094949                                                                               

OID: E10071328

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Christina Højsgaard Madsen Senior International Consultant
Sille Jee Kongshøj Johannsen International Consultant