The course is part of the semester for sport management students, and it is suited for you as a physiotherapy student with interest in Sports and Innovation.

Target Group

The course is offered to international exchange students enrolled at the education programmes of physiotherapy and sport management. 


This course is offered to international students who would like to explore how to work with innovation in a Danish setting. Students work together with citizens and organisations primarily from Funen.

Camilla Søholm International Coordinator

Teaching Methods

All teaching and counselling is in oral and written English. You will experience a lot of different teaching methods such as lectures, presentations, dialogue, exchange of experiences, group work.


International exchange students must participate in the course together with Danish students under the same conditions. 

Tuition Fee

Not applicable for EU/EEA-students and exchange students from partner institutions, all other students must pay. In this case, please send an e-mail to to learn more.  

Activity 1

Type of Activity

Mini report - - 24.000 keystrokes + appendixes 


4.5 in total for all three weeks


40 hours pr. week

Learning Outcome

The aim for the student is:

      Knowledge - it is the goal that the student:

  • In a cross-professional context can examine and explain challenges in relation to the social framework.
  • Can describe creative and innovative working methods

Skills - it is the goal is that the student can:

  • Organize inter-professional innovation projects and disseminate results
  • Investigate challenges and creatively solve tasks in relation to this in a cross-professional collaboration with the involvement of relevant networks and resources
  • Search, disseminate and apply practice, development and research-based knowledge / literature and other material related to the innovation project.
  • Critically reflect on the collaboration process and product
  • Communicate, listen, analyze and join relationships relevant to the challenge

Competences - it is the goal that the student can:

  • Participate in interdisciplinary team collaboration with knowledge of and respect for own and other professionals areas of responsibility and competence in relation to interdisciplinary task solving
  • Coordinate and manage interdisciplinary/cross sectoral and project organized tasks and cooperation in different organizational contexts
  • Develop and facilitate inter professional networks
  • Develop creative solutions to current challenges in the field of practice that presuppose and challenge it interprofessional collaboration

There is no examination for this course. At the end of the course, the students will present their mini-report and pitch for the external partner, they have been working with on their case. Afterwards, the students will receive feedback on their work. It is mandatory that the students participate in this part in order to pass the course. 

If the students does not participate in this part, the student will hand in an assignment.

The student can get a certificate stating the obtained number of ECTS points if requested. They will evaluate InnoSport as well.