Insurance during internship

If you are taking an internship in a public or private workplace in Denmark with minimum two employees you will be covered by the internship company’s “Industrial Injuries Insurance” (In Danish: Arbejdsskade­forsikring).

You are covered to the same extent as ordinary employees, and will therefore receive compensation for personal injury and damaged personal items if the accident happened while performing tasks for the internship company.

Be aware that this is only for internships, only in Denmark with minimum two employees, and only within the internship period stipulated in the study program curriculum.

If you choose any other type of internship, an internship outside of Denmark, or an internship exceeding the stipulated period as mentioned in the curriculum, you are not covered by the company’s Industrial Injuries Insurance, and therefore should take out a personal insurance.

Please note that if you cause damage or injury to others during the internship the ordinary rules apply, which means that the internship company can claim compensation from the student. UCL recommends that all students at all times have taken out a personal liability insurance to covers such cases.


Information about insurance in general

UCL insurance arrangements do not cover student’s actions.

We recommend looking into your own insurances. Be sure that you have Liability insurance. If you do not have such an insurance, we recommend that you contact a Danish insurance company. You can also contact your Danish trade union to hear, if your membership includes such insurances.

As a student in higher education in Denmark, you are liable for any injury-inducing actions or omissions, regardless if they happen during breaks or during classes. This includes third parties, which means that you are liable when visiting companies or attending excursions with your class, etc.

UCL insurances do NOT cover your liability in such situations.