Written on-site examinations

Here are the rules laid down by UCL University College for written on-site examinations.

This set of rules applies to ALL written on-site examinations. A written on-site examination is an examination of a set duration held under supervision at a set location.You will be given an examination paper that must be answered by you alone within a limited period of time and must be handed in before this period expires.

All written examinations are to be answered on your own computer and processed through UCL's digital examination system, WISEflow.

Full acceptance of the terms of this set of rules is a prerequisite for taking the examination.Examination aids may or may not be allowed at written on-site examinations. The rules that apply will be clearly stated prior to the examination.

  • At least one week before the examination, check if your computer can access UCL's Wi-Fi network and whether the programmes you will be using for the particular examinationare working properly. If you encounter any problems, please contact the service desk of the IT Department or call+45 6318 4444. UCL does not provide IT support during the examination.
  • It is your responsibility to bring properly functioning equipment to the examination, including an extension cable. If your equipment is not working properly, you will be using valuable examination time to get it fixed.
  • You are not allowed to borrow technical equipment from fellow students
  • You must compete setting up and connecting your computer at least 15 minutes before the start of the examination
  • If you signed up for a FLOWlock examination without aids, log in to WISEflow and download the FLOWlock browser, which you will subsequently need to install and test by running a demo flow
  • Read more about FLOWlock and system requirements - use the right-hand menu for support and troubleshooting. Further, pleas note that prior to each FLOWlock examination, you must reinstall the latest version of the FLOWlock browser.
  • NOTE. Only some courses use FLOWlock in connection with tests.

  • The room in which the examination will be conducted will be on your schedule in TimeEdit. You can see the exact times for the start and end of the examination in WISEflow
  • Any special examination conditions that apply to you will be clarified via your edu.ucl mail.
  • We recommend that you arrive 30 minutes before the start of the examination
  • If you arrive after the start of the examtion, you will not be allowed to enter the room. In exceptional circumstances, the chief invigilator may allow you to sit the examination. You will not be given any extra time.
  • Remember to bring your student ID card. Before the examination begins, you must identify yourself with your student ID card so that the invigilators can register your attendance.
  • When registering on arrival, your mobile phone must be placed in your bag, unless the rules for the examination in question state otherwise. Smartwatches, AirPods and similar devices must be left in your bag, or not brought to the examination at all.  
  • Before the examination starts, you must be ticked off on the list of examinees.
  • Five minutes before the start of the examination, there must be silence in the room. The examination rules will be read out and any questions clarified.
  • In the case of examinations involving FLOWlock, the FLOWlock browser must be started in good time and at the very latest when the invigilator ask you to do so. The FLOWlock browser is properly started when you can see the countdown clock.  
  • At the start of the examination, the examination paper will be delivered digitally in WISEflow. In some cases, it will also be handed out on paper. These details will be stated in the rules that apply to the particular examination.  

  • During the examination, the invigilator may only be contacted by raising your hand
  • You may only leave the examination room under the supervision of an invilgilator. When vising the toilet, you must use the toilet indicated by the invigilator
  • You may not leave the room to smoke
  • You may not leave the examination room during the last half hour of the examination
  • Examination aids and the Internet may be used to the extent specified in the rules that apply to the particular examination
  • In the case of examiniations in which all aids are allowed, it is not permitted to use the Internet for communication. This includes instant messaging, Google Drive, social media or the like, unless otherwise stated in the examination rules
  • During the examination, candidates may not borrow aids from each other. Nor is it permitted to exchange information during the examination, or in any way to be in contact with other students, or expulsion from the examination
  • The use of headphones is not permitted unless this is stated to be part of the examination or is laid down in the examination rules. Earplugs are allowed
  • The examination paper is to be answered as it is, and the invigilator may only be called if the wording of the paper seems ambiguous, or if errors are identified. If any errors are identified, or doubts arise, all those sitting the examination shall be informed in order to ensure the same examination conditions for all
  • You may not call the invigilator simply because you are not sure whether you have understood the question correctly
  • During the examination, you are responsible for your IT equipment and for saving your answers, including making backups. If you loose data during an examination due to a lack of backup, you will be required to complete the examination regardless of loss of data
  • In the event of a power failure, network failure or other external problems with UCL's technical facilities that cannot be rectified or repared, the invigilator will immediately contact the chief examiner, who will make the decision concerning the further conduct of the examination

  • The invigilators will announce when there are 30 minutes and 5 minutes of the examination left
  • If you finish more than 30 minutes before the end of the examination, you may hand in your paper and leave the room. Your computer, mobile phone or other effects connected with the examination must remain in the room. You can collect them when everyone in the room has completed the examination
  • If you hand in your paper less than 30 minutes before the end of the examination, please remain seated for the sake of your fellow candidates
  • At the end of the examination, please leave the room as quietly as possible, in order not to disturb those candidates who have an extended period of time for the examination
  • Some examinations may call for graphs, equations and the like which are often best drawn by hand. In the case of examinations for which all written aids are permitted, such additional materials may be uploaded as attachments

Please contact your Study Counsellor