Guideline for photos

Purpose of this guideline

When students from UCL University College go abroad we encourage students to share their experiences with other students and the Danish public. UCL wishes to inspire and inform about the great possibilities in going abroad during enrollment at UCL. On occasions UCL would like to use these photos to tell a story on the student’s international and intercultural experiences - always with the purpose of sharing a story with good intension for informational purposes on UCL platforms, this is the purpose with this guideline.



Students are instructed to obtain your consent prior to any photo are taken. The student will inform you about the purpose of the photo. Students might share the photo from the students own account or forward the photo to UCL where the photo it is shared on UCL social media and webpages as mentioned below. 

Once you have had your photo taken, you will always have to approve the picture. If you do not like the photo our students will delete it/them at once no matter the reason for your disliking. We or the student only use the pictures that you have approved.


Where are pictures used?

The stories that UCL write about students going abroad are made public on the following social platforms and UCL-hosted webpages:


If you want your picture deleted

Once you have approve the photo(s) our student will provide you with a UCL business card. On this card you will also find the contact information to the students international coordinator.

All pictures are thoroughly evaluated by UCL staff before displayed on UCL platforms. Pictures assessed to depict people in vulnerable situations are not used and will be deleted. 

If you want to withdraw your consent send an email to the email address on the business card and UCL will delete your picture/pictures.


Usage period

UCL will use your photos on social platforms until it longer serves a purpose and then the pictures will be deleted.