Activities and Opportunities

Events and Student Organisations

To be able to create the best possible study environment for our students, some of our campuses organise their own events.  

Some of our events are for example the Winter Games, Summer Games, semester kick-off parties, and trips to Legoland.

Are you interested in upcoming events? Have a look at the event calendar on our Danish site.

Also, some of our campuses have their own student organisations hosting different events throughout the semester.

You can find more information about the organisations and their up-coming events on their Facebook pages.

Learn Danish

If you are interested in learning Danish during your study time with us, you can register for Danish courses at 'Lær Dansk' or 'Sprogcentre'.

If you are located in Odense, Fredericia or Svendborg, we recommend that you visit Lær Dansk for more information about their Danish courses and how to register for one.

If you are located in Vejle or Jelling, we recommend that you visit Sprogcentre for more information about their Danish courses and how to register for one.

Outside of UCL

As an international student, there are organisations and associations outside of UCL where you can get in contact with other students as well as other internationals.

  • Studenterhus Odense is an association and a café run by students, for students. Their aim is to create a gathering place for students to meet and network, and the café serves both as a study place and a social and cultural hotspot for all the students in the Funen area.
    You can find more information on their website or get a hint of upcoming events on their Facebook page.
  • ESN Odense is part of the Erasmus Student Network, which is the biggest student association in Europe. They help exchange students feel welcome in their new environment by offering help in the academic, social and practical integration process. They also arrange events such as quiz nights, movie nights and different trips around Denmark, and also outside of Denmark.
    Visit ESNOdense for more information about the organisation, on their Facebook page and find out about upcoming events.
  • KultuNaut is the event calendar for whole of Denmark. If you would like to get away for the weekend and do something completely different, we recommend you to have a look at KultuNaut to see what you find.

At Facebook, you can find groups for internationals. In these you find information about your campus city and upcoming events, and you can also get in touch with other students and internationals.