The 2 largest of our 7 campuses are situated in Odense in Niels Bohrs Allé and Seebladsgade.

Campus on Niels Bohrs Allé

At our largest campus, you will find a vibrant study environment with lots of different activities and facilities providing professional labs with for example a complete hospital ward and facilities for music, theatre and video production.

The campus also has its own student organisation hosting different events throughout the semester. You can find more information about the organisation on their Facebook page called Campusrådet.

Campus on Seebladsgade

This is our second largest campus. Here, you will find Boxen, a co-working space for local start-ups, and also FabLab, which is a platform and a room for creativity, learning and innovation. At FabLab, all students have the possibility to turn their ideas into new products and prototypes.

Our campus in Seebladsgade also has its own student organisation hosting different events. You can find more information on their Facebook page called UCL Events – Seebladsgade.

More about Odense

Odense is the city of H.C. Andersen, cosy streets and festivals such as Tinderbox, Odense Blomsterfestival, and Odense Harbour Culture Festival

You can find out more about Odense at VisitOdense.