Exchange Programme - Partner Institutions

You can apply for all our Exchange Programmes, if you get a nomination from your home institution.

Exchange Students

Application Guide

Please see the step-by-step guide on how the application process works, below.

Please note that you can only apply for the exchange programmes available in our course catalogue. If you want to apply for more than one of the short courses, or combine a short course with a traineeship, be aware that additional courses can be added to your first course selection, by clicking on the plus symbol (+). Please only submit one application with all of your choices.

Traineeship is only available through our faculties of Health Sciences, and Education and Social Sciences.  

See our exchange programmes

Please, follow the steps below to apply.

Christina Højsgaard Madsen Senior International Consultant
Elena Federle International Consultant

The application process for exchange students is divided between your home institution and us. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to apply for exchange studies at your home institution, and in the application state that you wish to attend an exchange programme at UCL University College.

Once you have been approved for studying abroad, we will receive a nomination from your home institution. This nomination proofs that the exchange programme you wish to study matches your current study programme. It also serves as a recommendation of you as a student, and notifies us about your interest of studying at UCL.

For your information, the deadlines for your home institutions to nominate you are 15 April for the Autumn semester, and 15 October for the Spring semester.

The nomination must be sent to and must include each nominee's full name, email address and the start period of the exchange (e.g. Spring 2023).

If we have not received a nomination by your home institution, you cannot apply for an exchange programme with us.

However, the faculties of Health Sciences, and Education and Social Sciences accept exchange students without nominations and students from non-partner institutions. If you would like to know more about this application process, go to Exchange Programmes - Free-movers.

When we have received your nomination, you will receive an email with the link to the online application form. It is your responsibility to fill it in and submit your application before the application deadline.

You will fill in the application form for your exchange programme online, in the portal MoveOn. The link for the application form will show under each course choice progamme. When using MoveOn for the first time, you will need to register by using your email address, which means that you can save the information you have filled in, close the application form and later re-access it.

Please make sure to tick of the green mark on each page in the application form, before submitting the application on the last page. You will get a pdf-copy of the application form, after a few minutes. Please be aware that if you initiate the application form without submitting it, the application form will not show in UCL’s list of applications. 

In the application form, you can ask for assistance in finding accommodation during your exchange stay with us. You can read more about our accommodation assistance under Practical Information

Deadlines for application

Your application must be submitted no later than:

  • 1 May for the Autumn semester
  • 1 November for the Spring semester

When you have sent in your application, you will receive an email confirming that we have received your application.

After the application deadline, we will assess your application. A nomination from your home institution does not guarantee you a study place, since at UCL, we have limited study places for exchange students. We always do our best to accept you as an exchange student.

About 2 weeks after application deadline, we will send you a Letter of Acceptance, which states that you have been accepted to one of our exchange programmes.

At the same time, you will receive a welcome email containing practical information about your upcoming stay with us and your accommodation. As a non-EU citizen, you will also receive information about how to apply for a residence permit.

If you have not been accepted as a student, we will send you an email explaining the reason for the rejection.

When you receive your Letter of Acceptance, you will also receive a Learning Agreement template. It is your responsibility, together with your international coordinator at your home institution, to fill in your Learning Agreement.

The Learning Agreement confirms that your planned semester, courses or traineeship from our course catalogue at UCL can be recognised as part of your current study programme at your home institution.

Once you and your international coordinator at home have filled in and signed the Learning Agreement, you must email it to your international coordinator at UCL.

When your Learning Agreement has been approved by one of our international coordinators, he/she will sign it. Once signed by us, you will receive a copy of your Learning Agreement in return.

The academic learning outcome and ECTS points stated in the Learning Agreement will be the basis of your Transcript of Records, which will serve as a proof of your studies at UCL. You will receive your Transcript of Records no later than 5 weeks after your stay with us has finished.

Please note that UCL only issues a digital version of your Transcript of Records due to our environmental-friendly policy. Thus, you will not be able to receive your Transcript of Records in hard copy.


If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the application process, you are more than welcome to contact us.

If you wish to study an exchange programme offered by the faculties of Business Science, or Technology and Construction, please contact Elena Federle.

If you wish to study an exchange programme offered by the faculties of Health Sciences, or Education and Social Sciences, please contact Christina Højsgaard Madsen.