What are the admission requirements?

Things to look out for when applying to a Top Up Degree Programme

Are you wondering if your grade point average will be sufficient for admission to your dream top up? Or if your grade point average even matters?

Your application is assessed on the basis of whether or not you have a qualifying degree (your AP Degree). In some cases, the study programme may choose to include other criteria in its assessment. In such cases, an AP Degree alone may not be enough to ensure admission.

You can read more about the different admission requirements and assessment criteria for various Top Up Degree Programmes here. Some study programmes may have restrictions on admissions, while others may not. You can find out more about this on the web pages of the individual study programmes under 'Admission requirements and application'.

Admission restrictions

Study programmes with admission restrictions have limits to the number of students they can enroll. If the number of applications exceeds the number of student places, we will accept the best-qualified applicants, based on the following criteria:

  • Grade point average from the qualifying degree
  • The final exam grade from the qualifying degree
  • Study-related experience
  • Motivation
  • Other.

Unrestricted admission

Top up Degree Programmes with unrestricted admission will accept all applicants, who live up to the admission requirements and have applied for admission before the deadline. In such cases, a motivated application is not required. In some cases, there is a minimum requirement for the number of applicants it takes to set up a study programme.