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Become buddy for an exchange student next semester.

As a buddy, you are their first contact in Denmark and at UCL and you can help exchange students by answering their questions and guiding them in the exploration of the local culture.

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Why become a buddy?

It is a great idea to become a buddy because you will be a part of an international environment and develop your intercultural skills, while meeting other students.
Buddy tasks:

  • Contacting students before their arrival
  • Picking up students at the train station
  • Showing students around the city and the campus
  • Organizing social and cultural activities

Benefits of becoming a buddy:

  • Improved soft skills (problem solving, event planning, etc.)
  • Improved language skills
  • Broader network both in and outside Denmark
  • Special events and trainings for buddies
  • Free ESNcard

This activity is volunteer-based. After you sign up, you will be contacted by the responsible coordinator. You will then be invited to attend a buddy training, in order to prepare you to welcome the new students.

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Elena Federle
Elena Federle International Konsulent

UCL Buddy Signup


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We will review you application as soon as we have received it. In order to be a buddy, you mus be currently enrolled at UCL University College and be in Denmark between 15/01/2020 and 05/02/2020
Your data will be used by the international office for the sole purpose of the buddy project. We will not forward your information to any third party and will retain information for up to 2 years from the end of your participation in the project. If you wish for your data to be permanently deleted, please write to international@ucl.dk. Be aware that the deletion of your data during your participation in the project can result in your immediate exclusion from the project