UCL Job Market Ready

Start your career at UCL where you get ready for the job market during your studies.

Prepare to get out in the job market

UCL Job Market Ready is a model that puts in focus all the elements you encounter during your studies. The mandatory and elective elements are all geared toward making you ready to enter the job market and meet with success.

Webinars, events, workshops, and brief courses will help you ensure that you know what your employable skills are, that your resume is bang on, that you know how a job interview goes, and that you are familiar with the various personality types you might meet in the workplace.

Professional knowledge is paramount in your education, but it’s essential, too, that you are able to transfer this knowledge into practical skills. That’s what you learn, for example, during the internship that is a part of your study program. During this program, you will become aware of your personal and professional skills. That awareness makes you a stronger person, and it supports you in the competition you will encounter as you start working.

It really does work

- My job search was truly a success! I kept our discussions and all your tips in mind as I prepared my job applications. In the end, I sent four applications and was called to three job interviews – that was excellent

- Lysaris Escalante, former student in the process technology program at the Vejle location

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